Hey! I'm Jax

I believe the experience should be a strategic differentiator
I help startups figure out product market fit by facilitating workshops with founders. I speak to their customers, qualitative researchm, and design the first version of their solution to help them get funding
I work as an experience design leader to set up design teams gearing them for operational excellence. I coach designers.
I working with product and engineering to help businesses scale.
I love working with data scientists and artificial intelligence experts to design dashboards, data visualisations and revolutionary AI projects.



I love ancient history. I like to say that I’d be a archaeologist in a different age. Or a maker in any other era.

I love looking at the art that people have made through the ages. A lot of my pottery is inspired by the Cretans, Harrapan, Babylon… well basically from everywhere.

The underlying theme of my obsession is humanity and technology. So it’s not really surprising that I became enamoured with human computer interaction when I studied. It’s the latest instantiation of human + technology.

I started doing a lot of workshops, specifically for experience strategy. In that work I started using the labyrinth to represent the creative process. As a designer I often feel lost during the process - but I know if I follow through with order and method - that I’ll be successful.

I’m also inspired by the “mind blown” petroglyph. It’s deeply personal. It represents how I see myself. I always have a tonne of ideas, it energises me.

I love how the labyrinth and “mind blown” petroglyph represent my work.



I’m fiercely human-centred. I really care about people. I care about the customers I design for. I care about my design team. I care about my team. I care about my work. My passion is contagious. 
I believe when businesses and teams put the people who use their systems first, that it creates the best outcome for the business. Plus plus. When we work together, where we intersect — we amplify change. We can change the world for the better.