I've decided to take the time to migrate my Keynote portfolio in Drive to an online presence. I'm always busy with delivery work. I've decided that an online public portfolio is needed to prove legitimacy even for design leaders, researchers and interaction designers like myself. 

I like working in continuous delivery spaces - so I organised the case studies into the companies I worked. I've written 3 case studies for my current role as the Head of UX for Superbalist. I will continue adding more. 

I like working in 3 capacities:

  1. Principle designer - where I enter a start-up, department team as the first designer to set up successful initial design strategy and design delivery. 
  2. Head of department - splitting my time between leadership and delivery. Leading a small team and being accountable for the quality of the entire design stack.
  3. Head of design - where I help the business set up their design capability -- including process, operating model and hiring designers in the right order to set up the business for success.