Studio system management

Privacy & detail

The studio requests fashion, footwear, home + living items from the Johannesburg and Cape Town distribution centres. When they receive the items the stock control team moves it onto rails. The styling team takes the fashion items on the rails and combine it for a cohesive shoot. The styling and photography team shoots the products. Image control makes sure that the photos accurately reflects the real products. The quality assurance team checks that the content is accurate and upload product details to the website and apps.

Problem: The business can’t accurately track items in the studio

Goal: Create a new system to track stock in and out of the studio. Track which zone stock is in the studio and report on it

Outcome: project is in progress

It's really gratifying to share my experiences while designing in these case studies.
I love my job.

As a human centred designer it is important that I protect the privacy of the people I work with. I also have a responsibility to keep the competitive details — competitive.
Any lack of detail in the solution are due to these reasons and not in the quality of the work.



Saeed and Nadeem — 2 of our amazing engineers — spent two days in the studio with me and the team to understand what problems the studio team faces. I took three days complete the report (not shared here as the information is too sensitive) and the service design map and floor map. These elements will help me design the long term vision.

As part of the product discovery we realised the team also needs a shooting calendar system, workflow management, teask and financial reporting. These items is on the backlog to help this team as part of the employee experience.

The stock management program will increase employee productivity. Increase predictability of when stock arrives in the studio. Improve revenue reporting.
We’re currently building the MVP for studio management. Focusing on tracking stock in and out of the studio.


Skills used

Service design/ interaction design/ research


- I’m the only designer
- 2 engineers
- 1 product manager
- Studio team (co-design)



Styling room


Service design map



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