Superfluid experiences

I started Superfluid experiences in 2018 when I decided to freelance for a bit after leaving Standard Bank in my role as Head of design, personal and business banking. It’s basically dormant the last year but I am working on solutions to help with better experiences for everyone. 

We don't understand why it is so hard to do things in this world

We want to redesign experiences in our world.

Making it an easier, more relaxing place to live, work and succeed in.

Why is there so much friction? From finding a holiday to getting a haircut.

It feels like every step is designed to make your life harder. These are the small things we have to do. But why do we have to spend so much time and frustration on that?

Superfluid experiences want to change that. We're working on creating toolkits, playbooks, strategies and guides to help small businesses improve the lives of their customers, employees and themselves.


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